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JKLF Zonal President highlights Pakistan’s nefarious interests in PoK

Pakistan has misruled the region of PoK for more than seven decades.

ANI | Updated: 03 Oct 2018, 18:07:22
13th Amendment 13th Amendment

Bagh( PoK): Pakistan has misruled the region of PoK for more than seven decades. There is a Prime Minister and President in PoK, but they are merely stooges who have been helping Islamabad fill its coffers through economic depredations. The people of the region have been denied basic fundamental rights and are meted out with severe brutality. 

Highlighting the draconian aspects of 13th amendment done to the Act 1974 of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir,Dr. Touqeer Gilani of JKLF criticized Pakistan of disempowering the government of PoK and inviting China to carry out their Mega Projects in the region, which has further resented the public in PoK. 

Furthermore, the activist lambasted on Pakistan for its routine attacks on ecological resources in PoK by raising several dams in the region with the help of China. 

The outcry for full autonomy has been a common sentiment among the public for the last seventy years. Anger is mounting high in PoK against the barbaric regime of Pakistan. 

The region seems to be bracing up for a mass Anti-Pakistan protest in the coming times.

First Published: 03 Oct 2018, 18:07:22

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