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India seeks right to reply against Pakistan: UNGA

Will Pakistan deny that terrorist Hafiz Saeed enjoys free run inside Pakistan: India at UNGA

ANI | Updated: 30 Sep 2018, 09:53:56
India at UNGA India at UNGA

New York (US): India’s First Secretary in Permanent Mission of India to UN, Eenam Gambhir while addressing the gathering at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) aimed at Pakistan’s claim of fighting terrorism, India asked Pakistan to deny being the host and patron of 132 of the UN-designated terrorists and 22 terrorist entities under the 1267 and the 1988 UN Security Council sanctions regime. 

Gambhir also questioned the freedom experienced by UN-designated terrorist Hafiz Saeed’s in Pakistan as he continued to set up candidates for electoral office. Taking a dig at Pakistan’s newly-found appreciation of upholding Human Rights, the Indian diplomat quoted the example of appointment and removal of Princeton economist, Professor Atif Mian’s from the Economic Advisory Council on grounds that he belongs to a ‘minority’. 

“Before preaching to the world, championing of human rights should begin at home,” Gambhir added. Gambhir also slammed Qureshi for his comment where he said that New Delhi cancelled the meeting of the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan on ‘flimsy ground’. 

“The new Foreign Minister of Pakistan chose to term the gruesome killing of our security personnel by Pakistani sponsored terrorists as 'flimsy' grounds. While it may not be the case for Pakistan, for India every loss of life counts. Hence our belief that talks and terror cannot go together”, she noted. 

“Pakistan must demonstrate that it has moved beyond a narrative of distortion, deception and deceit,” Gambhir added while snubbing Pakistan’s fake claims and allegations.

First Published: 30 Sep 2018, 09:53:56

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