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Tournament in memory of slain social activist receives overwhelming support

Soccer tournament organized in the memory of an activist Gauri Prasad, receives overwhelming support.

ANI | Updated: 20 Oct 2018, 22:27:05
Tournament in memory of slain social activist Tournament in memory of slain social activist

Latehar (Jharkhand): This soccer tournament organized in the memory of Gauri Prasad, an activist who challenged and resisted the spitefully cruel wave of Naxals, some eleven years ago, has been gathering a huge traction amongst the masses of Latehar district in Jharkhand. The outpouring of such a number to participate and witness the tournament also testifies the fact that the anti- naxal campaign which Gauri Prasad had launched that time has yielded results as ‘naxal stronghold’ which people used to refer the region as, is a thing of past now. 

Prasad, who has become an innate figure in bravery-anecdotes of the region, had single handedly confronted the rebels..In a gesture of gratitude, many events are organised every year in the year. Locals credit Prasad for the peaceful environment they are living in. Naxals proclaim to be the saviors of marginalised tribals. 

However, their repeated acts of barbarism contrast their claims and expose their hypocrisy of not practicing what they preach. While on one side they say their struggle is for the poor and destitute, the cabal of their leadership, which operates from different corners of the country, is wallowing in luxury. 

They are essentially a coterie of violent mindsets following a regressive ideology to set and achieve their own agenda. However, the extended multi-pronged efforts of the government of late have given them repeated setbacks, forcing them either return to mainstream or to go into hideouts.

First Published: 20 Oct 2018, 22:27:05

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