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Ashutosh alleges AAP asked him to use surname during 2014 Lok Sabha polls

Ex-party leader Ashutosh too today alleged that the party had asked him to do the same.

NMF News Bureau | Updated: 29 Aug 2018, 11:42:18
Ashutosh Ashutosh

New Delhi: The caste war is on within Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). After reports of AAP leader Atishi Marlena, who was chosen as a candidate for the 2019 national election, being asked to remove surname surfaced yesterday, ex-party leader Ashutosh too today alleged that the party had asked him to do use his surname.

In a tweet, Ashutosh who resigned from the party a few days back has alleged that he was 'introduced' to party workers as 'LOKSABHA' candidate in 2014 by his surname. He said, "In 23 years of my journalism, no one asked my caste, surname. Was known by my name. But as I was introduced to party workers as LOKSABHA candidate in 2014 my surname was promptly mentioned despite my protest. Later I was told - सर आप जीतोगे कैसे, आपकी जाति के यहाँ काफी वोट हैं ।"

However, he was quick to mention that, "My tweet is misunderstood by TV HAWKS. I am no longer with AAP, not constrained by party discipline and free to express my views. It will be wrong to attribute my words as attack on AAP. It will be gross manipulation of media freedom. Spare me. I not member of anti-AAP BRIGADE."

On Tuesday, Atishi Marlena was criticised for dropping her surname. 

First Published: 29 Aug 2018, 10:51:34

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