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6 dead in cylinder blast at a factory in Bijnor

Six people died on the spot while two were critically injured in Bijnor

ANI | Updated: 12 Sep 2018, 17:40:34
Cylinder Blast in Factory Cylinder Blast in Factory

Bijnor (Uttar Pradesh): At least six people were killed and four were critically injured in a major blast at a chemical factory in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnor on Wednesday, police said. The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital. Bijnor Superintendent of Police (SP) Umesh Kumar Singh said, “Six people died on the spot while two were critically injured. 

The injured have been sent to hospital while the other two are here at the factory. One is suspected to be missing.” The factory named Mohit Petrochemicals situated on Nagina Road witnessed a major blast when workers were repairing a methane gas tank. 

“The blast occurred when workers were wielding the methane gas tank,” SP said. “Due to negligence and improper precautionary measures at the time of work, the blast occurred,” SP added.

First Published: 12 Sep 2018, 17:40:34

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