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Harshvardhan Singh inaugurated ‘Roti Bank’ to provide free food to poor

‘Roti Bank’ is launched by Nagar Parishad of Dungarpur to provide free food to poor

ANI | Updated: 06 Sep 2018, 16:24:05
‘Roti Bank’ launched in Rajasthan ‘Roti Bank’ launched in Rajasthan

Dungarpur (Rajasthan): In order to provide free food to the poor and homeless in Dungarpur district of Rajasthan, ‘Roti Bank’ is launched by Nagar Parishad of Dungarpur. Rajya Sabha MP Harshvardhan Singh inaugurated the ‘Roti Bank’ in the presence of Nagar Parishad chairman, KK Gupta inside the compound of Mother and Child Hospital of Dungarpur.

This ‘Roti Bank’ will also be beneficial for the attendants of the patients who come for treatment here. Automatic roti making machine is also set up for this purpose. Committee of 51 dignitaries from various field has been formed to run this ‘Roti Bank’ to provide free of cost food to poor. 

Nagar Parishad is also urging people to donate generously for this noble cause.

First Published: 06 Sep 2018, 16:24:05

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