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Fuel prices continue northward march

Fuel prices continue to skyrocket on Friday

ANI | Updated: 14 Sep 2018, 11:51:48
Fuel prices continue Fuel prices continue

New Delhi/Mumbai: As fuel prices continue to skyrocket on Friday, petrol price has reached Rs 81.28 per litre and diesel at Rs 73.30 per litre in the national capital. On the other hand, the price of petrol rose to Rs 88.67 per litre in Mumbai, while diesel is being sold at 77.82 per litre. A commuter said, “At festival time every year the prices rise. 

The prices are not going to come down. When the prices of petrol rise, the prices of vegetables also increase.” According to the Indian Oil Corporation, petrol price was increased by 28 paise per litre, while the diesel saw a hike of 22 paise per litre in the national capital. 

The continuous hike in the fuel price is being witnessed from past few days, causing much trouble to the common people.

First Published: 14 Sep 2018, 11:51:48

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